Internal Design Management Department

Harper Construction Company is somewhat unique with the organization and function of an Internal Design Management Department. This department is comprised of architectural and engineering professionals and is tasked with the management and coordination of the design process. The responsibilities of the department’s professional staff are to provide leadership and oversight to insure an on-time delivery of all design submittals, and confirm that all code and quality standards are met. Design quality control, discipline cross-checks, and value engineering are also an integral part of their project role.  

Consulting Engineering Firm Alliances

Harper Construction Company has formed strategic alliances with several consulting engineering firms. These established relationships and mutual commitment to overall success provides Harper with the design resources to take any number of projects from conceptual proposal design to 100% completion. Harper Construction has established strong alliances with qualified Civil, Landscape, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering firms, as well as numerous specialty consultants (i.e., Demolition, HazMat Testing, Geotechnical, Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP), LEED Sustainable Design, Food Service, Cold Weather Design, Independent 3rd Party Peer Review, etc.). Each firm is equally familiar with Harper Construction Company and highly qualified to flourish in the unique process inherent to design-build projects and the design-build environment. Harper’s design-build team is routinely comprised of architects and engineers that have worked together and successfully completed the design and engineering for over 30 design-build projects completed with Harper Construction. This combined experience and working familiarity provides added benefit throughout the proposal, preconstruction, design development, construction, and commissioning stages.