Corporate Safety

Harper Construction Company has developed a comprehensive Safety Program through consultation with Safety Experts, Insurance Agents and our own past experience. This program was designed to protect all of our employees, the subcontracted work force, inspectors, owner’s representatives, project visitors and the existing neighborhood. We are proud to say that we have an exemplary safety record and enjoy a preferred insurance rate due to our continuing safety excellence. 

Safety Philosophy

A project’s “Best Value” can only be reached with superior safety performance. Harper’s corporate wide safety policy provides safety and incident prevention education and training, and enforcement for all employees, subcontractors, and visitors. Harper is also familiar with compliance with the stringent safety measures of OSHA and the Army Corps EM-385-1-1 regulations required on all military installations.

Additionally, our Project Manager, Project Superintendent, and QC Manager have also received current 30-Hour OSHA safety training and actively contribute to a safe workplace on a continuous basis. Safety violations will not be tolerated. A “Safety First” policy is always Harper’s standard requirement from initial construction activities, throughout the long term management. Our team will never sacrifice safety for production or profit.

Our firm has witnessed vast improvements in the quality of work products and the safe performance of project work phases since implementing our vastly upgraded and comprehensive safety program starting in 1999. Almost immediately, we experienced a reduction in the number of recordable injury and illness cases as well as a reduction in first aid cases. Our field offices have noted that this aggressive approach to safety has resulted in the following types of improvements: 

  • More worker involvement
  • Greater worker ownership in the safety program resulting in improved quality and productivity
  • Improved labor/management relations
  • Enhanced positive image of management leads to greater worker trust
  • Lowered incident rates, reduced worker compensation, and other related costs
  • Enhances the mission to assure continuous improvement
  • Improved motivation to work safely, leading to better quality, improved productivity, and a happier work force
  • Increased partnership and mentoring opportunities with DOE sites, OSHA and community companies
  • Improvement in lost workday case rates at sites, directly relating to real dollar savings
  • Created a positive “behavioral” impact where employees work safer at home as well as work

It is the intent of management and our on-site supervision to provide a safe and healthful working environment including establishment of safe work practices and continued training of our workforce and subcontractor’s employees. Our program has clearly demonstrated a substantial value added in terms of not only reduction of injuries, lost workdays, and the associated costs, but further enhancement of worker involvement in safety programs, partnership and improved management-worker relationship. 

Our Safety Program Includes the Following Highlights:

  • Project specific site safety plans
  • Supervisor and employee training programs
  • Construction equipment and operator training
  • Site specific and company new hire orientation
  • Daily site safety meetings
  • Site safety surveys and audits
  • Equipment / tool inspections
  • Rewards for outstanding safety performance
  • Mandatory subcontractor participation in safety program
  • Disciplinary action policies

Safety Record

Harper is provided Worker’s Compensation Insurance through State Compensation Insurance Fund. The Experience Modifier Rate for the insurance is: 0.65. We receive favorable insurance rates based on our Comprehensive Experience Summary. Currently, Harper is proud to declare a zero loss run record for the past five years. 

Experience Modification Rates


Harper Construction takes safety very seriously and does not make exceptions. We are outspoken ambassadors of better safety training, enforcement, and incentives at both the local and national levels. Harper Construction continues to work closely with the various industry associations, governmental agencies, and owners to create more consistent enforcement of Safety requirements. We work closely with our staff, our subcontractors, and even their workforce to make sure our safety philosophy is passed along to every project, and every employee.  Our entire company is committed to Safety Excellence and we believe we are an indisputable leader when it comes to safety. Our leadership and track record has honored multiple times with the AGC of San Diego and AGC of America Safety Award Construction Safety of Excellence Award (CSEA) for Construction Management in addition to numerous other safety awards.